About ASMR Is Cool

ASMR Is Cool was started simply because I really think and feel that ASMR is cool and relaxing! I first found ASMR by mistake while searching YouTube for ways to massage people and came across a video titled "ASMR Massage Back & Glute Swedish Massage Therapy, How To Give A Massage For Women" which started those great tingles, which I now use daily to relax and get my rest. I simply wanted to create a place for the ASMR community to visit and even help get the word out even more to others that may not be aware of ASMR. I really feel that ASMR can bring alot of relaxation to tons of others in the world that may not be aware at all.  I plan to collect as much information I can and share with you all and make it fun and enjoyable for you. If you have any questions or suggestions please submit using our contact page or feedback form.

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